Children First of Cleveland

  • Serving Cleveland’s families since 1990
  • Specializing in Infant and Toddler Care and Education
  • Children First of Cleveland provides quality early education and care for children beginning at 6 weeks of age up to age 11 years old.
  • We offer breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and infant food and formula
  • Clean and sanitary learning environment
  • Friendly to families with young children
  • We welcome children and families of different abilities and seek to include children with disabilities
  • High tech and human security
  • Qualified Teacher and Administrative Staff
  • A philosophy that includes fun
  • Standardized Curriculum, Screening and Assessments
  • Free community resources to support learning and development
  • “Open Arms” policy for families and significant others for your child Quality Center in Downtown Cleveland



*** We are an equal opportunity provider ***